Saturday, October 06, 2007

Update : CVS versioning

I'm continuing to work on the updated code for the redesigned website. To simplify the task of managing updates, I set up a CVS server, which does versioning control so I can work on different machines and not get stuff out of sync as I jump from one machine to the other, as I am want to do.

Although a bit of a pain, this will be a big help in the long run. It occurred to me this morning that I could be using this to keep track of my fiction; I tend to generate a lot of versions of things. My colleague/friend Dave Davis turned me on to this tool -- thanks, Dave!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Redesign: phase 2

Okay - I'll admit it: the current Ralph Art Website Project redesign was sort of thrown together at the last minute. I successfully reskinned the old site and cleared out some old stuff, but I didn't address the bigger issue of organization.

What is really needed is a new Information Architecture. As one of my former cohorts pointed out, there's really no well-defined metaphor for the structure of the thing. Add to that new content that I'd like to add and how that will fit in.

The struggle for me is my left-brain/right-brain interests are hard to present in a orderly fashion. Probably the reason my studio/office looks the way it does.

Some features in the works:
  • Expanded gallery of thumbnail/images
  • Some design case-studies
  • Images that can be used as desktop backgrounds
  • Scans of some of my sketchbooks
Still struggling to find a way to include my random thoughts and observations.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ralph Art Blog -- now online

As I was planning the Ralph Art website redesign, I always had as part of my master plan setting up a blog. Elsewhere I've had a Blogspot blog for several years (it shall go nameless for reason apparent for those of you who have visited it) and wanted to set one up and integrate it with the new site.

I just spent the morning (as well as a major part of last night) going in and heavily modifying the Blogspot template html so the look and feel matched the site. I did leave the Blogspot bar along the top (could have removed it, but Terms of Service and all...) but other that I've got a pretty good match.

The latest piece was my discovery last night (around 1:00 AM) that Google has created an AJAX API that allows one to insert RSS feeds into web pages using JavaScript. That may not mean a lot to non-codeheads, but it's a pretty amazing feat. I spent considerable time a couple of weeks ago around trying to do the same sort of thing, encountering considerable obstacles.

Now, loyal visitors and or the curious can see a short digest of recent blog posts right on the main page of the Ralph Art website.

Once again, Thank You Google!

Friday, September 14, 2007

New website

I'm in the final throws of relaunching the Ralph Art website. I've switched hosting services - now I'm using Polurnet, out of Montreal (now that I have a son in Canada I feel like sending even more money across the border.

I'm also linking to this blog, which I'll go through and re-skin to match the Ralph Art website.

More to come later.