Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Over the weekend my good friend, Leo Wesson, professional photographer and cook extraordinaire, came over and spent the greater part of the day shooting digital images of works on paper. I'd documented some of these using my crappy digital camera, but Leo came over and took really good pictures (he is a trained professional, after all).

He'd shot art for me in the past on film - mostly 4 x 5 transparencies. This was a lot faster and easier since once we did the lighting set up, the shoot was, for the most part, just a matter of swapping one piece out for the next until we finished (the advantage of standardizing the size you work in). We probably shot close to a hundred pieces. I lost count after a while.

Once I get the digital files back from him I'll be selecting my favorites and posting them online - probably over the holidays. Among the things I'm looking at putting up are image from my portrait series, none of which have ever been exhibited.

I first met Leo some 30 years ago, when I freelanced for Pier 1 Imports where he was in house photographer, and we've worked together on a number of projects together. He is a hell of a photographer. Besides the fun of working with a long-time friend, the biggest joy in doing this was seeing some artworks I haven't looked at in 15 - 20 year in some cases.

Thanks, Leo!