Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Gallery Night, 2008

We are almost upon the Spring Edition of Gallery Night 2008 here in Ft. Worth and since I haven't written to the Ralph Art blog in forever, it seemed like a good time to mention a couple of my favorite art venues.

William Campbell Contemporary Gallery
Bill must have started the gallery when he was still in diapers, since it has been a staple of the Ft. Worth art community since I was in school. A great space, well-located, run by a couple of folks with fabulous taste. What more could a person ask? I always see countless friends, who always ask the embarrassing question: "are you painting these days?" Julie Lazarus will have paintings, mixed media and blown glass works in the downstairs space; gallery artists will have work upstairs.

Once an artist-run gallery in a fairly raw industrial space just northeast of downtown, Artspace111 is now a commercial gallery, showing (as best I can tell) the same stable of artists that exhibited in its previous incarnation. While still possessed of a slight hint of post-industrial funk, the space has been cleaned up, slicked up, and (best of all) air-conditioned. The current show includes pieces by Michael Bane, Alice Bateman, Linda Blackburn, Ed Blackburn, Dan Blagg, Dennis Blagg, Ann Ekstrom, John Frost, John Hartley, Etty Horowitz, Nancy Lamb, Leslie Lanzotti, Jim Malone, Sue McCans, Jo-Ann Mulroy, J.C. Pace, Chris Powell and Eric Stevens.

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Gallery a new (opened in February) space run by the TCU Art Department in a strip center at 2900 W. Berry St., just south of the TCU campus. I managed to make it to the inaugural show where a carnival atmosphere reigned. Looks like it could be an interesting addition to the art mix.

See you in Gallery Land!