Sunday, April 10, 2011

John Moore at Arts Fifth Avenue

My old friend John C. Moore has a new show over at Arts Fifth Avenue here in Fort Worth, which opened last night. It is, not surprisingly, wonderful.

He's pulled in some themes he worked with in his Hip Pocket production, On The Origins of the Specifics (look for fossils and the HMS Beagle), as well as some other classically Moorian imagery. Dorothy and I showed up at around 8 PM last night and already 7 pieces had been sold.

Along with John, there were some great work by Dale Connor and Wally Night.

In addition to seeing John, I also ran into old friend Beth F. and Robert E, who I'd not seen in a long time. A great event. Catch it while you can. There is a closing event scheduled for Spring Arts Google on Saturday, May 14.

PS: here's my own John Moore painting.

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