Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ralph Art Website relaunched

Woo hoo! The new Ralph Art website is now officially live!  I cut over the DNS for http://www.ralphart.com a little while ago, so now the redesigned site is the one you'll see when you go there.

If you are curious or bored, the old site, with all its warts and poor display on mobile devices, is still visible at http://old.ralphart.com. The last redesign (mostly just a reskinning) took place about 3 years ago (give or take). I'll probably leave it there for a while, for curiosity sake.

The new site has (in my opinion) a much improved organization, with lots of large images of art. For once I did not do the complete redesign myself, instead I started with a template and heavily customized it. This let me create a responsive, mobile device friendly site with a minimum of effort on my part. Yes, I have been known to be lazy.

Leave comments below if you feel so inclined or find a glaring mistake somewhere.


1 comment:

Joanne said...

looks good. You are a talented man - painter, writer, etc. Your humor shines through and that's what I always enjoyed with TWW and your reads. I do think you've gone beyond "ralphing" all over the canvas. Good luck!